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Expert Advice and Placement Service

Here at Education Advisers we have a dedicated team of consultants who specialise in finding the right school for your SEN child. We understand the importance of the school experience in shaping the lives of our children and we will guide you through the maze of hundreds of private SEN schools to find the one that fits your child and your aspirations perfectly.

What does our advice and placement service offer?

A free 30 minute consultation

We use this time to find out about you, your child, the SEN condition(s) and your aspirations and to help you establish your exact requirements. Many parents know they are looking for a better school than their child’s current school, but there are many areas to consider, such as the difference between specialist SEN schools and mainstream schools with extra learning support.  We use this consultation to help you to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for.  We will also have a frank discussion with you about the ability of your child and the likelihood of them gaining a place in a mainstream school. We can advise you on the level of competition and the types of schools available.

NOTE: We do not make specific school recommendations at this stage.

Our unique approach...

Firstly, we will clarify your priorities and make sure we understand your aspirations and the needs of your child. Your child’s education is likely to be up to a fifteen-year journey and needs a carefully constructed flightpath.  We will talk you through all of the key options to ensure that your child starts their educational journey in the right direction.  It is essential for us that we understand the needs of your child both academically and teaching style to support their SEN condition.

If your child is over 7 years old we can offer them our bespoke assessments so we can fully understand their ability level and how they are likely to get on with an entrance assessment for a selective school.  We will make contact with up to 20 schools that could potentially fit your criteria. We will firstly ascertain if they have spaces available and then discuss with them how well they can meet your child’s needs and if they could potentially consider your application.

We will then come back to you with a relevant list of schools, including inspection reports, website links, SEN conditions accepted and other useful information such as the gender breakdown and past experiences of other clients. We always try to offer a selection of both specialist and mainstream schools.We are also able to offer our own experiences of the schools from previous visits. We will help you to organise visits to your preferred choices and equip you with a tailor-made questionnaire to ensure you come away with all your questions answered. Finally, we will help you with the admissions process and assessments and can also introduce you to a private tutor if needed. Our service is only complete once your child successfully starts the chosen school, although we often build on going relationships with our families and like to keep in touch to find out how your child is getting on. In many cases families come back to us for guidance on schools for siblings, or for assistance on future stages of their child's education.
Note: We are totally independent so we will make contact with all schools that may be an option for you; we don’t limit to only a select few.
We do charge for our placement service and will be able to discuss this with you after an initial consultation. If you would like a discussion on choosing the right type of school for your child, please call us on +44 (0)1622 813870 or complete our enquiry form.

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